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  erin with birds

I’m Erin. I’m a reader, a creative writer, a runner, biker and cookie eater. While I have a PhD in English and Cultural Studies, I suspect I got the degree as much for my enthusiasm for reading as for my dissertation (on Canadian historical fiction).

This blog records my reviews of books so that I’ll remember later what I’ve read. It is also, I hope, a space where we might discuss why people read, engage with the questions and issues raised in books and narrative and share the affective responses that come from reading.

I love reading books recommended – and I do read them! So if you have a book you think I might like: let me know. Better still, tell me why I might like it and maybe you’ll see its review here. I currently review for the Bookshelf in Guelph, ON and for Random House Canada.


One response to “About the Author

  1. I’m from Guelph, but now live in Calgary, but I have VERY fond memories of the bookshelf! I also review for Random House Canada, so glad to electronically meet you 🙂

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