Gods Behaving Badly: Funny

I almost wish I had more to say about God Behaving Badly, but I don’t suppose more needs to be said: the book is funny, and so, enjoyable.

Turns out I do have more to say: a book can be only funny and still be worth reading. While humor usually points out some more “serious” truth (in this case that belief can be powerful), I think humor for its own sake makes this book worthwhile (particularly because the more “serious” message of the book is both obvious and left to the final two pages).

My principal complaint with the novel, then, is not its frivolity, but its insistence on pointing out who each of the Greeks gods are: “Ares, God of War, is busy causing war in the middle east,” or Aphrodite, Goddess of Beauty, is beautiful.” It’s an affront to my intelligence to tell me who each of the Greek gods and goddess are, and even if I didn’t know (and still picked up the book), I’d have been happier looking the list of gods up on an online encyclopedia or (heaven forbid – ha!) in a book.


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