The Mistress of Alderley: Least Suspected


I recently made a trip to the local library intent on picking out books I would enjoy while on my vacation. I began with The Tiger Claw (disappointing), and immediately worried that I no longer knew how to pick a good book. The Mistress of Alderley, a straight-up whodunit, reassured me, as it was not only an impossibly addictive read, but despite my earnest intention to pay attention to “those I least suspected” (in order to solve the mystery and prove myself smarter than the author), I did not figure out who committed the crime, and it was the person I least suspected (even though the motive made perfect sense).

I can’t say I read mysteries of this sort very often (in fact, I can’t remember the last time I did read one), but I did enjoy this one. It was perfect bathtub reading (though I did get a little more pruned than usual) and would be ideal for the beach, the train, a plane or a Sunday afternoon couch. Well written, extremely well plotted, and yes, terribly engaging.



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