I haven’t yet completed my list, but I wanted to let you know – and so commit to the world – my ambition to take part in 10/10/10/12. The project is usually to pick ten categories, ten books within each category and read them before October 10th (10th day, 10th month), but because I read for a living – and so must read some required texts that will distract from my 10/10/12 list – I decided to afford myself an extra two months, thus making the project “10/10/12.”

I am excited by the plan to read 100 books in a year – I usually only read somewhere in the neighbourhood of 50. I am excited also to expand the range of what usually gets read (beyond literary fiction, that is). I’ll post the full list of titles and authors when I’ve finished drafting the list, but until then I’ll leave you with…

My categories:

Wars of the 20th Century

Short (stories, poems, essays, letters)

Non-human protagonists

Books set in Vietnam

Banned books

First Novels

Young Adult Fiction


Books with illustrations

Best-sellers 2000-2010


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