And Then There Were None: An Incredibly Popular Book

And Then There Were None used to go by other names.

It is the best selling mystery of all time. Wikipedia tells me that it’s the 7th best selling book of all time (what are the top six, I wonder?).

It is a pretty compelling mystery. 10 people stuck on an island. People start to die. Who is the killer? Questions of motive are less compelling than those of opportunity.

Christie’s command of narrative focalization is outstanding. Shifting between different points of view in a way that allows readers to suspect everyone and (for this reader at least) still never the right person.

I have to say I was a little underwhelmed by the reveal. Maybe because I was wrong, or maybe because I wasn’t convinced by the “motive.” Yes, let’s go with that.

So far “Spies/Detectives” is the best category going. Too early for predictions you say? Well, I’m a suspicious/predictive lady these days. Watch out.


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