In the Skin of a Lion: Here be Short


I read In the Skin of a Lion again for my class, and can’t seem to fit it in anywhere in the 10-10-12 list, so I’m putting it in “Short” both because that’s the category I’m meant to be reading right now, and because – perhaps more importantly – the book might be thought about in short thematic, chronological and character sequences. It’s a beautiful novel. There are descriptions that catch your breath, beautiful scenes between people who connect by allowing one another the space to be different, cartwheeling images that subtly shift over the course of the narrative.

I wrote an essay on the book in undergrad; I can’t remember what the essay was about. I feel like I had things to say about the novel’s representation of history. A representation that doesn’t strike me as very interesting anymore (the history of labourers and immigrants finds a space to be heard – okay), but is there for those of you interested in labour history. I was far more taken with the imagery this go around and tried to pay attention to how each operated, but found myself – perhaps appropriately – overwhelmed by the number of images and the way they worked together. So great to read a novel by a poet. I think, anyway.

Other news: 1/5 done 10-10-12. (Is this good news? Or worrisome that I’ve spent Jan/Feb reading 20 books and not finishing T?)


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