Storm of Swords: Admissions


I really want to like the Song of Ice and Fire series. It has a lot of great things going for it: engaging characters with complicated motivations and principles, developed plot lines and some (just some) engagement with literary devices. All the same, in this third book I’ve read in the series I’ve had enough. I’m done with the plot lines that, while rich in detail, plod along with such protracted pauses that I am left indifferent when climaxes do occur. So while I might enjoy the complicated characters Martin has crafted, I can seem to care about them when bad things happen to them (as they invariably do) because it’s taken so much plot work just to get there. When you add in the mediocre language and heavy handed symbolism and descriptions I find myself struggling to read the remaining 400 pages.

That’s right, after 600 pages of slogging I’m giving up. True to my New Year’s resolution, and with the encouragement of S. I’m just stopping. I feel some guilt thinking that if I could just give it some dedicated time I’d make it through, but really? When it comes to pleasure reading I don’t want it to feel like work and so I’m stopping. Bold, brave, and a little reckless, sure, but there it is.

Also because I have such an amazing list of books recommended! Did I mention that my amazing friends gave me a book of book recommendations? Maybe, but if I didn’t, I’m so excited to get going on the list. And so that’s what I’m going to do – so if you’re a recommender… get excited 🙂


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