The Popular and the Literary

In writing about and reading Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch I had the opportunity to talk to a few people about what shapes their decision to read a book. Quite a few people raised that in some cases they purposely *avoid* reading something when it gets too much popular attention (think Harry Potter) while others suggested that they read almost exclusively those books recommended from critics “top” lists. I suppose I’m interested in a couple of things: how do you choose what to read? how does popular/critical opinion shape your reaction to a book?

Feel free to discuss (please do!) or to contact me directly with your thoughts.


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  1. scherem

    When I have time to read there is a couple of things that influence my choice: Wanting to read about the subject (in non-fiction books), did a friend read the book, and post about it on GoodReads? Cover art sways me a lot too. Another factor is if other writers I like recommend the book, or talk about it?

    Looking over my answer, I seem a bit shallow. But that’s how I roll.

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