5 Year Blog-iversary

Five years, 248 posts, 270-odd books. Moved from Ontario to BC and back again. Broke-up; got married. Wrote and defended a PhD. Added a cat to the family (but not a baby; well, two nephews, but who’s counting). Learned to quilt and to drive.

While I wanted my 5 year blog-iversary to correspond with my 250th post, I had to quit reading *Every Man Dies Alone* because the translation was so jumpy. And that I couldn’t finish the YA book I’d planned to finish today because I left it at home. Excuses, excuses.

All this to say: thanks for reading with me. (Is anyone reading this?) I’m sure my writing on here has changed over the last five years, but my love of books certainly hasn’t. I have a bit of a stack accumulated at the moment (so get excited), but I’m always open to suggestions: send em’ my way. Makes me think I ought to thank N. in particular for suggesting David Mitchell. And J. for suggesting so many more (though she’s responsible for *Every Man*, so maybe not) and P. for the best gift I’ve ever received (the book of recommendations when I moved).

Maybe I’ll do another 100 next year. But probably not. So maybe that it: suggest what I should do with this blog as it enters year six. Guest posts? Debates? Interviews with authors? Fist fights?

And if you’re wondering what to read next, check out the category “Erin’s Favourites” for some of the books I’ve loved best over the past five years (it’s a surprisingly short list given how frequently I claim to be reading the ‘best book ever’).

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2 responses to “5 Year Blog-iversary

  1. Anonymous

    Congratulations on your fifth anniversary! I enjoy reading your reviews and often choose books based on what you have recommended. I would love to read your interviews with authors too.
    As for Every Man Dies Alone- I advise you to at least finish it.
    Thanks for another great year of reviews!

  2. Hi E.,
    I’m still following your blog and continually find myself amazed at how much you are still reading. I completed 10-10-12 last year and I’m still finding myself in a slump where I’ve “only” read 31 novels this year. On the other side of that, I’ve read 130+ comic books/graphic novels. Thanks for continuing to provide reviews as I often make choices based on your thoughts. Cheers to 5 years and 500 books (because I’m sure you’ve forgotten one or two in that time).

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