Why Can’t I Read Anything?

I’ve started and put aside half a dozen books in the last month. I’ve made it two hundred pages into a couple of them before realizing I don’t care at. all. what happens to any of the characters. GileadThe Alice NetworkFresh Complaint, 4321, We Were Eight Years in Power… I’ve tried different genres. I’ve tried bestsellers and literary fiction. Either I’m having remarkably bad luck or my reading brain is broken.

So… please advise. What do you do when you can’t seem to read anything? When you don’t want to read anything? What should I be reading that will make me want to read again? What is wrong with me? Help!

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  1. S

    I re-read favourites when my reading brain gives out (which it also does). It may not feel like ‘new’ or ‘productive’ reading, but I actually remember why I love those favourites and get new things out of them each time.

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