Forgive me: Not a book, but a Plea

People. I have been reading. A lot! And not posting. I don’t know why. Must be something  about the summer night and just wanting to read more on the patio. Whatever the reason, I’ve read a bunch of things and I’m too overwhelmed by the backlog and I’m headed out on holiday in a couple of days, so I’m only going to read more, so the only thing to do is plea for an amnesty, and just tell you the things I’ve read/try to remember the  things I’ve read:

This Is Where I Leave You – Jonathan Tropper: I remember it was about a dysfunctional family gathered to sit shiva after their dad dies. And it was funny. And sort of silly, but mostly funny. Oh and about divorce and life falling apart. And like my life is mostly together but I could relate. Beach worthy? Maybe.

The Beautiful Things That Heaven Bears – Dinaw Mengestu: Ethiopian refugee to Washington meets a fancy white lady and her kid. There’s something like a romance, but the whole novel is weighted with the certainty that none of this is going to work out, and it’s a protracted ending and you’re like does he kill himself in the end or try again or does it matter. Super… uplifting? No.

Big Sky – Kate Atkinson: Mystery! By one of my more preferred authors. But it was only okay. Like I didn’t really care much about any of the characters, which is surprising because there’s enough detail and slowed down timelines that I should, but maybe it was  because this is one of a  series and it was my first one so I was missing the part of caring about the detective? Anyway. Just, meh,

I think there was one more. It had a red cover. But it’s lost to me and the world now. I’ll do better while I’m on holiday. Really! Maybe. Mostly forgive this terrible post. Remember those other ones where I had smart, funny things to say. Right? Maybe.


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