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419: A gripping exploration of economic inequality (without it feeling like a book about economic inequality)

I continued my summer of reading literary thrillers with Will Fergusen’s 419. I was late to the party on this one, with folks suggesting I read it for years. Something about it made me resistant to reading, and it wasn’t until it was the *only* book to have come in to the library from my list of requests that I gave in and picked it up. That 419 is terrific only (once again) proves that I am ridiculous for following my arbitrary whims when it comes to book covers and gut feelings. Continue reading


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The Pale Blue Eye: Murder Mystery Mash-up

download (2)I don’t have much to say about Louis Bayard’s The Pale Blue Eye. I enjoyed reading it? It was captivating (if entirely forgettable)? The novel is set in the 19th century (hooray), is a murder mystery (fun) and includes a fictionalized Edgar Allen Poe (what fun). We follow our protagonist retired police detective as he sets about trying to solve the murder and dismemberment of an army cadet. Poe is recruited to help him in his efforts. Layers of mystery and some romance.

My little description makes it sound like the book is trashy or easy. It’s not! It has a remarkable ending, sets up a complex and compelling relationship between the detective and Poe. I just don’t have much more to say than that.

I’d take it to the beach and read it. Maybe. No, what I think it’s best for is a book-on-tape long car ride. Captivating for plot, tone and setting. Take that to your audio-book source of choice and enjoy!

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