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The Obelisk Gate: I Maybe Need to Learn to Say No (or stop caring about the dishes).

I’m busy. It’s like a thing. You say you’re busy, I say I’m busy, we both secretly think the other person isn’t that busy, because like *I’m* the busy one. And also how important we are because we’re busy. Like unimportant people spend their time like sprinkles at a sundae buffet: willy nilly. But really I just seriously miscalculated how long some things would take and overcommitted and like all the things and never want to disappoint or say no and have a thing to prove and want to defy the expectations and stereotypes and so here I am – well past my bedtime, on an unmade bed (because the sheets had to be washed tonight to make a full load), trying to recall a book I read three weeks ago and promised myself I would blog two weeks ago and even while I was reading it was pretty sure I’d rather just be staring out the window but thought I had to post something here and so read it and thought it was mostly ridiculous but also halfway fun if you could put aside just wanting to nap. Or to plan a Farm Animal Theme Day for the Family Cottage because I also organized everyone into theme days for the cottage and my family can’t say no either and so now we’re all doing it and probably secretly hating that we have to organize it but we’ll have fun while it’s happening. Right?

Oh you wanted a book review and not… whatever this is? Right. Here we go:

The Obelisk Gate is… a book. Second in the Broken Earth series. I read the first one a few weeks ago and wrote about it here. This one also has characters and a setting and a plot. I honestly can’t remember much except there are some battles in a gemstone cave and some plans for more battles and maybe an epic mother-daughter fight (which is great because enough with the father-son fights) is coming. Some scenes with limbs being ripped asunder. A few where you’re like ‘who is who?’ ‘what is happening’ and ‘why does this matter’ but that’s probably because I couldn’t remember the rules of the world well enough from the first book, or the mythology/history of the world, to really be that invested in the next phase. Suffice to say I’m not going to read number three.

Or probably ever read for fun again. (Don’t worry, all, I’m almost doneĀ An American Marriage and I promise I’ll write its review when I’m not so overtired I’m seeing spots. (because I’m so busy and important, remember?)(but actually everything is a-okay, or at least it will be if I can get organized enough to relax at the cottage. Ha!).



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