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The Association of Small Bombs: The Book You Won’t See On the Display Table, But Should Definitely Seek Out.


Karan Mahajan’s The Association of Small Bombs was on the New York Times list for the best books of 2016. I went through the list and requested books at the library, most of the list had a wait list dozens, or hundreds, deep. Not so for The Association of Small Bombs. It was on the shelf at my preferred location. Maybe because I was requesting books the same day the list came out? Or maybe because readers are silly and thought they wouldn’t like a book about terrorism in India? Whatever the case: be me and get yourself to the front of the line to read this one. It’s terrific. Continue reading


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Let the Great World Spin: Beautiful

I took my time with *Let the Great World Spin*. On purpose. I stretched it out as long as I (reasonably) could because it was so gorgeous. IS so gorgeous. I want to tell you not to be put off by the plot description – a man walking on a hire wire between the world trade centres – and rather to take the leap (ha!) and fall (ha!) into this gem of a story. The writing is without question some of the best I’ve read. Sentences, whole paragraphs that leap of the page as expressions of beauty that left me awed and unable to keep reading. I took mine time because the gorgeousness was too much to keep going without a break. And if that’s not something like a strong endorsement, I don’t know what is: read it, okay?

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